It costs $17 a day to
keep the linens
at our shelter


It costs $163 a
month to provide
a hot cup of coffee
to our AOC

It costs $7 a day
to give two hot
meals to a


It costs $111.57
every day to heat
and cool the AOC


It costs $1,028 for
the first month
of housing for
a single

It costs $3,500
for furniture and
move-in services
for a family
icon-bedof four


For non-monetary gifts such as bequests, property, stock transfer or life insurance, contact Charles LaFond at (505) 344-2323 x 203.

Send checks made payable to:

Heading Home
PO Box 27636
Albuquerque, NM 87125-7636

Host a Heading Home fundraising party or event at your home or place of business. Contact Charles LaFond at (505) 344-2323 x 203 for more information.

Please call Patrick Garcia at (505) 344-2323 x 209 for drop-off info or to schedule pick-up for larger items.

What’s needed:

  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Furniture, Cleaning Supplies (unused)
  • Toiletries
  • Linens
  • Street Outreach Supplies (such as healthy snacks, bottled water and sleeping bags)
  • Other Supplies (bike locks, bus passes, books)


Heading Home volunteers are crucial to the success of our organization, our staff and the people we serve. Opportunities range from sorting clothing and furniture to encouraging our recently-housed neighbors (clients) as they transition out of experiencing homelessness.

Please call Kim North at (505) 343-2323 x 202 or email her if you’re interested in investing your time and talents. Below are several of our current volunteer opportunities. To sign up for a volunteer opportunity, please click hereTo download a volunteer flyer, click here.

Furniture and Warehouse Management

Help someone exiting homelessness in furnishing their new home. We need strong volunteers who are able to lift 50 lbs. to assist at our warehouse in sorting, organizing and delivering furniture donations.

Home Team Program

Home Teams are teams of 2 to 4 volunteers who provide social support to newly-housed neighbors as they adjust from living on the street to living housed. This volunteer position is about fostering friendship and strong community ties with people who have experienced homelessness.

Our new neighbors can struggle with tasks such as cooking, grocery shopping, making appointments, and enjoying community activities, especially if they have endured years of homelessness. Home Team volunteers spend a minimum of three hours a month for six months helping one neighbor. They provide companionship and friendship while doing activities the neighbor would like to do.

Some Home Teams have picnicked at the zoo or BioPark, visited museums, hiked in Albuquerque Open Space Lands, and gone for a walk in the Bosque. One team drove to Sandia Crest to see the fall colors on the way to the Tinkertown Museum, while another has a standing monthly date to go out to lunch and shop at a thrift store. With the help of his team, another neighbor adopted a shelter dog that does a happy dance every time he walks through his apartment door, reminding him every day of how good it is to come home to his own warm, cozy place.

Special Skills Volunteer

Many of our volunteers provide unique services based on their own skill sets. Volunteers may serve directly with our neighbors and residents in unique roles to provide services such as career development, acupuncture, live music, and wellness classes.

To sign-up for a volunteer opportunity, click here.


To stay up-to-date on the progress of our mission, ways to get involved and issues relating to homelessness, please sign up below for our monthly e-newsletter. With your support we are making homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring in our community!