Heading Home's Hacienda Ball

A life transformed is indeed a work of art. Heading Home’s work of alleviating suffering in our community is a labor of love.  The result is oftentimes a masterpiece.  The opportunity for a life lived with dignity and purpose emerges on the canvas of our community.

Each contribution to our mission is a brush stroke in so many unfinished masterpieces throughout our city.  Please join us in this ongoing artistic endeavor. Your brush stroke may be the finishing touch on a life transformed.


You can also sponsor a ticket in lieu of attendance

Questions, other purchasing options or dietary restrictions contact Charles LaFond at (505) 344-2323 x 203 or CharlesL@HeadingHome.org

Hacienda Ball Committee Members

Morgan Cannaday-Henson (Committee Chair)
Amanda Getchell

Jake Henson
Melanie Hazlett
Dorothee Otero