hous·ing /ˈhouziNG/ noun – The solution to homelessness

  • Heading Home programs have collectively transitioned more than 3,000 individuals and their family members into housing since 2011
  • Heading Home has saved more than $6 Million in taxpayer dollars since 2011
  • Every year the Albuquerque Opportunity Center Campus serves more than 23,000 meals
  • Heading Home volunteers have given more than $70,000 worth of time over the past year

Many Points of Entry for People in Need!

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You can help us end homeless. We know this is an ambitious goal! And that’s why we need you! With more than 2,000 individuals housed we know it is working and we’re confident that with your support we CAN and WILL make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring! If you want to join us in this journey and stay current on the issue, submit your info here and we’ll send you our electronic newsletter- filled with amazing success stories, ways you can help and other interesting, newsworthy info!