Jesse Hugg 

Facilities Director 


Jesse Hugg is a Native New Mexican and proud of it, born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico, he has lived here his entire life, raised by a single mother who worked her tail off to raise him and his older sister, he saw his fair share of trouble as a kid but credits his turn around to his wife of eleven years Katie and his three amazing kids. He met his wife in 2nd grade and has loved her ever since. Now his focus in life is raising his kids and being a good father and husband while working hard every day.

Jesse joined the Heading Home team in 2015 and has since served the organization in many different capacities. Jesse started working for Heading Home back in 2015 and has since worked in many different capacities for the Albuquerque Opportunity Center (AOC). First taking an AOC weekend position specifically working in our Respite Program. Followed by a Resident Assistant weekend position, then he moved to weekdays, after that, he moved to fulltime Security for the same shift, after that, he moved to Weekday Shift Supervisor. Additionally, he spent countless shifts covering other positions as needed while learning the entire AOC operations and all shifts. In 2017, he moved into the facility manager position and quickly got to work aiming to make the AOC the best shelter in the state of New Mexico. In 2019, he accepted the position of Facilities Director and works alongside the AOC Program Director overseeing the AOC campus and operations. Jesse takes great pride in his position.

Before working for Heading Home Jesse held a variety of previous jobs, from working at Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s in his youth to working at several dealerships managing the detail and lot crews, to working for a custodial company managing a custodial team cleaning facilities around Albuquerque.

Jesse is very passionate about his love for his family, his dogs, and his Dallas Cowboys.