Rey Kandil

Financial Controller


Rey Kandil has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for over 20 years. Before joining the Heading Home team Ms. Kandil worked in public accounting as an auditor then as a tax accountant then transitioned as a controller for Four Hills Country Club and the Albuquerque Country Club. She has been a financial controller for 10 years.

Rey is thrilled about working for Heading Home because she is passionate about helping people through her work, living to love, and making a positive difference before leaving this earth. She considers it an honor to work for a  nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist the homeless population, low-income families, and individuals struggling with mental illness and addictions, to find safe and hopefully permanent housing to help these individuals heal and find their way back to health and safety.

In her spare time, Rey enjoys swimming, playing tennis, and practicing yoga. She has two dogs who are the loves of her life and considers her friends to be family. Rey regards working for Heading Home as the highlight of her career.