Steve Decker - CEO

Steve Decker


Steve Decker is our Chief Executive Officer as of January 2022. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will assist Heading Home to grow and serve the area. With his education in Business Administration, his diverse background includes wide fields of expertise, including Medicaid, housing, employment services and organizational process development. He brings to New Mexico his wife and young son.

Starting as far back as 1992, Mr Decker has been involved in social work internationally in Paraguay, South America. In 2000, he began to oversee supported employment operations for individuals with developmental disabilities. In 2005, he created a program to work with individuals who were coming out of state institutions, who had been diagnosed with various significant mental illnesses. He created a micro-enterprise program that exists to this day, which is a forerunner to current initiatives, allowing many to find permanent homes and stability.

Steve Decker was hired in 2008 and oversaw the California Long-Term Care Education Center until July 2013. CLTCEC was the largest vocational trainer of caregivers in CA, serving over 5,000 individuals per year, mostly immigrant single mothers. During this period, his greatest achievement was to be awarded the $11.8 million Medicaid/Medicare Innovation Award for 2012-2015, which allowed research to prove his hypothesis on vocational training and health outcomes.

From 2014 to 2020, Steve led the Family Support Council in Nevada, expanding the Domestic Violence services to include vocational programs for victims, expanded shelter services and Medicaid-billed services. The new programs allowed homeless victims to become gainfully employed, and to transition into their own homes.

Mr. Decker has been asked frequently to speak as an expert witness in cases where training or service outcomes arise. He has served as interim Executive Director and as a start-up ED for non-profit corporations, including as Board Chair of the National Special Victims.