On Thursday, February 19th, Heading Home co-hosted a community education event with The Cathedral of St. John. The purpose of the event was to bring folks together to learn about homelessness and talk about interacting with members of our society who may be affected by trauma and behavioral health issues.

Heading Home CEO Dennis Plummer and our ABQ StreetConnect Director, Jodie Jepson, presented an Intro to Homelessness. Carol Brusca, part of the ABQ StreetConnect team and a licensed therapist, presented on Trauma Informed Care. Maira Rodriguez, a registered nurse and nurse educator, presented on Crisis Prevention and Intervention.

The event was a huge success with over 70 community members attending the training and offering engaging questions and feedback. Before the event, The Cathedral of St. John gave Heading Home an extremely generous $3,000 gift toward our mission to make homelessness rare, short-lived and nonrecurring in our community. We are extremely thankful to The Cathedral of St. John for co-hosting the event and for being such an invested neighbor and community partner!