During this COVID-19 Outbreak, our shelters are remaining open and active while other supportive services for our clients served through outreach and those who are housed will continue at a reduced level. If you are at home and are looking for ways to support us, look no further! Here are some ways you can support our clients and staff during this time:

  • Financial Contributions
    • If you have never financially supported our mission, rest assured there has never been as urgent a need for your support as there is now. We cannot get through these times alone. Please, please consider contributing. Click here to learn ways to make financial contributions.
  • Meals for Frontline Staff
    • We have staff working 24/7 at our 5 current shelter locations. Providing a meal for them is a great way to show support for them a local business!  Please contact our communications and outreach associate Kim North at KimN@headinghome.org or at 505-908-0759 for more information and to sign up for a meal.
  • Sew Masks
    • Our staff and clients use masks and there is a shortage. For specific instructions on how to sew fabric surgical masks please click here.
  • Mail Thank You Notes
    • Our staff is working hard and could use some appreciation and encouragement. Please consider writing notes and letters to show your support.
  • Volunteer
    • We are looking for volunteers to help at our Westside Emergency Housing Center and other locations. To see the volunteer job description for the Campus Monitor volunteer opportunity click here.
  • Donate Items
    • We are in need of non-perishable food items, travel size hygiene products, and socks and underwear.

All cards, masks, and items for donation can be mailed to Heading Home ATTN: Dennis R. Plummer 715 Candelaria, NE Albuquerque, NM 87107

Thank you for your ongoing support of Heading Home and our work. If you and/or your group are interested in helping Heading Home or have any questions, please contact our Communications and Outreach Associate, Kim North at KimN@headinghome.org or at 505-908-0759.