In this time of challenge, Heading Home is proud of our community’s proactive response to COVID-19 safety measures.  We are working closely with the City of Albuquerque administration and our partners to protect the health of people experiencing homelessness.

Heading Home is:

  • Asking our non-essential staff to stay home.
  • Asking our key staff to reduce hours and alternate when they are in the office.  This reduces the number of people in our buildings.
  • Ensuring that all staff receives paid leave.
  • Keeping essential staff on the ground to provide critical services.
  • Suspending all volunteerism for Heading Home.
  • Suspending donation pickups.
  • Increasing our Westside Emergency Housing Center operations to 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • Moving some of the elderly population to motel rooms.
  • Providing food distribution to the shelters and to people we house in motels.
  • Encouraging you to stay at home, if possible.  If not, please do practice effective social distancing.  Although you yourself may be at low risk, every public encounter that you have increases the odds that someone else may die or become seriously ill.  Please think of others’ wellness and your own.

Thank you for supporting our work and staff as we continue to serve our most vulnerable population throughout this health crisis.

Dennis R. Plummer, CEO