What are Heading Home’s Core Values? For eight months, a representative group of Heading Home staff and board members have reflected on that question. Five core values that will shape our organization rose to the top of the list. At Heading Home we value Deliberate Care and Kindness, Unwavering Integrity, Person Centeredness, Inclusivity, and Agility. By naming them, we do not mean to say this is who we have been, or even necessarily who we are in this moment.

Core values grow over time, and our new core values are inspirational. We aim to grow into them, to live them out, how we recognize good performance and how we move to the next level of excellence for our future. Our new Core Values will guide staff to make sound work decisions and are meant to be used to measure if our work is aligned with who we want to be. Each Heading Home staff has a core values face covering serving as a visual reminder for Heading Home staff to enact our core values. Click here to learn more about each value and click here to view a recent Educational Café session focused on the core values.