There are many things that each of us can take for granted.  Sometimes when we think about these things through a lens of gratefulness – real, genuine gratitude – we are often filled with an overwhelming feeling.  A feeling of humbleness.  That is how we felt reading a Christmas card that Heading Home recently received from a client whom we housed seven years ago. 

Humbled.  Humbled by what the simplicity of an address can mean for each of our clients.

While working in construction, Buck H. suffered a traumatic head injury. This left him with permanent damage and initiated his sink into homelessness by first losing his health, his job and finally, his housing. 

Heading Home began working with Buck and assisted him with his battle in recovery, healing and progress toward housing.  Buck was successfully housed with support from Heading Home in 2012. And this year, we received this beautiful Christmas Card from Buck. 

How simple a thing it is to write your own address on a letter that you will mail.  And when we do so, we are letting our recipients know, “Here is where I live, here is where you can send me mail.  I live here.

It is your support which will allow us to continue our important work in 2020. Heading Home is grateful to have had the opportunity to serve people like Buck in our community for almost 15 years and we are could not have been able to do so without your support.  Thank you.

From all of us at Heading Home, Happy Holidays!