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Volunteer View: Selflessness in Never-Ending Work

“I had never seen anybody literally frozen stiff before”, exclaimed Mayor Berry at Monday’s press conference announcing the opening of the winter shelter.  He then went on to describe a time that he had gone out with the emergency vans to pick-up people for the winter...
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Volunteer View: ‘I too am headed home’

About two months ago, I received a phone call that my mother had passed away unexpectedly. I was three weeks into the fall semester of my junior year of college.  After spending the next two weeks at home, I knew that I would be unable to return to school and pass all...
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In the News: Winter Shelter Set to Open

Mayor Richard J. Berry, members of Girl Scout Troop 47 and representatives from Sandia National Lab's Volunteer Programs were present on Monday, November 13th to announce the opening of the Winter Shelter.  This is the first season Heading Home will operate the city...
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‘Love is a Work of Art’ in Practice

Prologue: LOVE IS A WORK OF ART A life transformed is indeed a work of art. Heading Home’s work of alleviating suffering in our community is a labor of love.  The result is oftentimes a masterpiece.  When the raw material of hopelessness, trauma, unmanaged behavioral...
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Heading Home is Now Running the City’s Winter Shelter

We've taken over the contract to run the City's winter shelter, which begins operation in mid-November for four months. Recently, staff received a tour of the facility on Albuquerque's West Side. The old county jail has been given a makeover by the Girl Scouts and...
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New Partnership with Harwood Art Center

Heading Home is partnering with the Harwood Art Center, a non-profit creative center for community and the arts, to provide newly-housed clients original artwork their homes. At the Harwood's annual 12x12 installation, unsold works are eligible for donation to people...
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AOC Residents Get Eye Exams

University of New Mexico medical students, along with Dr. Lisa Rose, gave eye exams and glasses to more than 20 AOC residents in September. They were with the Community Vision Project, which trains first-year students through hands-on engagement with diverse...
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Philanthropy, Survival and Love

Have you ever wondered what makes one human want to give a gift to another human?  The answer is surprising. I had always assumed it was compassion, or empathy, or generosity.  And indeed all three play a role on the front end.  But the actual decision to make a gift...
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Albuquerque Heading Home Reaches 700th Housed Milestone

On Tuesday, September 5th, the City of Albuquerque and Albuquerque Heading Home announced the 700th individual or family member housed through the housing-first collaborative initiative. Albuquerque Heading Home was launched in 2011 as a housing-first collaboration of...
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Making Change Through Music

On Sunday, August 27th, Albuquerque Heading Home celebrated nearly seven years as a collaboration housing Albuquerque's most chronically homeless and medically vulnerable.  The event was held at the Albuquerque Museum Amphitheater and featured a lineup of New Mexico...
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Shutting the Door on Homelessness

We know that the solution to homelessness is housing. With your support, together we can help save lives and money by housing people experiencing homelessness who are the most likely to die on our streets and are utilizing the most amount of services. We can shut the door on homelessness, making it a thing of the past and making a future of permanent housing and hope.

Our Values


We will act in ways that establish credibility and mutual trust.


We meet people we serve where they are.


Everyone who wants housing should have access to housing.


We promote justice tempered with compassion.  Err on the side of graciousness.


We are committed to providing non-threatening, safe spaces for everyone we serve, wherever they are in the community.


We expand choices and remove barriers to such access, so that housing is safe, affordable and accessible.


Keep in Touch

You can help us end homeless. We know this is an ambitious goal! And that’s why we need you! With more than 2,000 individuals housed we know it is working and we’re confident that with your support we CAN and WILL make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring! If you want to join us in this journey and stay current on the issue, submit your info here and we’ll send you our electronic newsletter- filled with amazing success stories, ways you can help and other interesting, newsworthy info!