Albuquerque Heading Home

Albuquerque Heading Home

Individuals And Family Members Housed

Albuquerque Heading Home, a program of the New Mexico based non-profit Heading Home, is a Housing First collaboration of public, private and non-profit organizations who united in 2011 to end homelessness for individuals who have been chronically homeless and are medically vulnerable. More than 800 individuals and their family members have been placed in permanent supportive housing since the Albuquerque Heading Home initiative started in 2011.

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Data / Research
In 2016, the University of New Mexico’s Institute for Social Research finished a 3-year cost study analysis of the Albuquerque Heading Home program. They found that the overall impact of the program saved millions of tax-payer dollars and had substantial positive outcomes for our clients including:



  • The average savings to the 320 AHH clients eligible for the study resulted in a 2-3 years savings of $4,712,960.
  • For every $1.00 spent the program realized $1.78 in benefits. The return on investment is positive.
  • Study group members emergency room costs decreased by 76.8% 2-3 years after they were admitted to the program.
  • Ambulance and emergency rescue costs declined from $108,462 or 32.1% 2-3 years after study group members we
  • Jail costs decreased 55.7% after housing in the 2-3 year study period.
  • Hospital inpatient costs decreased by 55.9% in the 2-3 year study period.

To view the full study, or a brief of the report, please click the links below:

To read more about the study, please see the following UNM news piece:

UNM research reveals big benefits to housing homeless population: Study shows housing homeless actually saves money

Home Team Program

We are not currently accepting applications for Home Teams. 

Home Teams are teams of 2 to 4 volunteers who provide social support to newly-housed neighbors as they adjust from living on the street to living housed. This volunteer position is about fostering friendship and strong community ties with people who have experienced homelessness.

Our new neighbors can struggle with tasks such as cooking, grocery shopping, making appointments, and enjoying community activities, especially if they have endured years of homelessness. Home Team volunteers spend a minimum of three hours a month for six months helping one neighbor. They provide companionship and friendship while doing activities the neighbor would like to do.

Some Home Teams have picnicked at the zoo or BioPark, visited museums, hiked in Albuquerque Open Space Lands, and gone for a walk in the Bosque. One team drove to Sandia Crest to see the fall colors on the way to the Tinkertown Museum, while another has a standing monthly date to go out to lunch and shop at a thrift store. With the help of his team, another neighbor adopted a shelter dog that does a happy dance every time he walks through his apartment door, reminding him every day of how good it is to come home to his own warm, cozy place.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering on a Home Team, please contact Heading Home’s Volunteer Program Manager, Kim North, at 505-344-2323 ext. 202, or

Thank you for helping us to make experiences of homelessness rare, short-lived and nonrecurring!

Key Partners
The Albuquerque Heading Home (AHH) initiative emerged out of the Community Response to Homelessness in Albuquerque, a plan developed in 2007 by New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. It launched through collaborative efforts by the City of Albuquerque, multi-agency non-profit leadership and community business leaders. Heading Home provides the coordination and organizational structure to AHH which is designed to eliminate homelessness through community engagement across public and private sectors.



Key partners include:


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