At Heading Home, we are surrounded by angels. From our donors who generously support our work, to our clients whose perseverance inspires us every day, our community is filled with incredible individuals and groups who come together to make this work possible. One such angel is Johanna Smith, who was named one of the Albuquerque Journal’s “Angels Among Us” in 2019! Johanna received this well-deserved recognition for her work with a group called Crafting for a Cause, whose work also supports Heading Home.

On December 20, just in time for Christmas, Thomas Ruiz visited Johanna at her home to pick up a sizable in-kind donation to benefit the families and individuals we serve at Heading Home. Johanna gifted us clothes, a bed, box spring, sets of sheets, office furniture, books, shoes and more. This generous donation also included a collection of beautiful, unique crocheted items created by Johanna, her friend Kelly and their fellow members of Crafting for a Cause! We had the opportunity to join the Albuquerque Journal on 12/20 when they presented the award.

Thank you, Johanna, for this incredible gift to Heading Home!