As part of a Reduce Your Use grant from PNM, we were able to install 17 new L.E.D. light fixtures in the dormitory at the Albuquerque Opportunity Center (AOC). This project was delayed because of COVID-19 but after the long-awaited arrival of some parts, the lights were finally installed. The new lights replaced the old fluorescent T12 lights were using a considerable amount of energy. One of the old lights used approximately 200 watts and was producing a limited amount of light whereas the new L.E.D. lights use 54 watts and illuminate the dorm area so much more effectively.

Jesse Hugg our facilities director created a rough breakdown of the savings on just these lights and found it staggering.  17 old lights x 200 watts = 3400 (roughly) versus 17 new lights x 54 watts = 918 watts for a savings of 2482 watts (roughly) this could be a little more or a little less, but the numbers are still amazing.

Additionally, with the Reduce Your Use PNM grant, we were able to use every bit of the money down to 16 cents left. We purchased an additional 42 L.E.D. t12 replacement bulbs and replaced as many as we possibly could around campus, we also purchased new L.E.D. bulbs for the showers in the respite care program bathroom.

All of this coincides with the work the maintenance team has been accomplishing at the AOC. So far just this year, we have replaced our back-patio lights to L.E.D. as well as all 4 portable lights to L.E.D. and will continue to upgrade as much as we can to reduce the footprint our campus has on the planet.