The Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers (SCCV) visited the AOC campus with sack lunches and brought joy to residents and staff alike with their wonderful pups! The SCCV is an Albuquerque-based pet therapy organization who has been serving the community for 30 years.

“As people who are dedicated to our dogs as well as to the people whom we serve, the Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers, Inc. (SCCV) and their canine partners offer comfort, compassion and educational opportunities. We strive to facilitate friendship and mutual support among our members as we serve the community.” Learn more about their work at

Dogs from left to right in feature image: Two Socks (wearing the blue bandanna); Sadie the Australian Cattle Dog; the Corgi is Elli May; Pretzel, aka ‘lil Jesse,’ is being held; the golden retriever is Daisy; the multi-colored Chance; a statuesque Spanish greyhound; and lastly Ruby, aka ‘the White Hurricane.’