ABQ Street Connect and Albuquerque Community Safety (ACS @cabqacs), have been working with residents in Coronado Park since August 1 to get them into safe housing by means of the Westside Emergency Housing Center (WEHC) and Albuquerque Opportunity Center (AOC), both programs operated by Heading Home. Around 40 individuals were relocated to the WEHC and AOC, and are being supplied with the resources they need to stay off the streets.
Survey Assessments were conducted by ABQ Street Connect to determine primary needs, veteran status, disability, and willingness to stay at Coronado Park if rules, security and limitations on the number of items kept were put in place. The survey process was also used to determine who needed immediate medical assistance. A greater majority of Coronado Park residents refused assistance from Heading Home and ACS. The AOC allows residents to enter with 2 bags–The WEHC allows up to 3. 200 beds remain available at the WEHC.
If you encounter homeless camps at parks, we encourage you to call 311 who will relay the message to Heading Home, or offer pickup locations to individuals experiencing homelessness to our Westside Emergency Housing Center.