Families Heading Home provides permanent supportive housing and case management services for families experiencing homelessness in our Albuquerque community.  Our Families Heading Home program supports families who are referred to us after staying on the streets or in the shelters.

When a family enters our Families Heading Home program, we commit to helping them become stable and self-sufficient by setting goals.  We connect them to resources such as the SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery) program, mental and behavioral health services, and help with schooling for the children. Our Families Heading Home team, comprised of two tenacious individuals, is dedicated to helping these families in our community who often struggle to stabilize themselves. Families Heading Home has impacted the lives of many families experiencing homelessness in Albuquerque.

Before getting connected with Heading Home and the Families Heading Home team the Begay family was about to lose custody of their newborn baby because of the family’s lack of appropriate housing. The family was living in a housing environment without electricity or running water when they had a baby born with critical health challenges who would depend on medical equipment to keep him alive. This family had to leave the reservation near Gallup to be with their newborn son who was at UNM Hospital for several months; this left them without a support system in Albuquerque. Our Families Heading Home program was able to house the family and provide them with crucial supports. The family is doing well today and are proud of all they have been able to accomplish!

The story of the Begay family is just one example of the many families our team has been able to help. The type of support Families Heading Home offers is guided by respect and compassion. We wouldn’t be able to achieve this level of success without collaboration with the Domestic Violence Resource Center, the Crimes Victims Reparation Commission, Albuquerque Public Schools: Title One, and many other community partners centered on child welfare.