The Albuquerque Journal recently featured a story on the UNM Health Sciences Center’s collaborative teaching arrangement with the AOC men’s emergency shelter and the One Hope Centro de Vida Health Center. At AOC, medical students in various disciplines have been providing triage services for residents since 2013.

Every Tuesday evening, students from UNM’s Health Sciences Center – future physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, physical therapists – come together to run a clinic at the Albuquerque Opportunity Center, which offers shelter and other services to homeless men. It is one of several clinics UNM health sciences students provide for various underserved populations in Albuquerque.


At the AOC clinic, supervised by an attending health care provider, the students examine the men and listen to their concerns, which often range beyond medical problems. …


The students may provide some care themselves or, if necessary, refer patients to the hospital or follow-up visits at a health clinic. …


It’s grass-roots medicine. Students often have to use whatever they can find – the light from a phone to examine a patient’s throat, a belt to aid in physical therapy exercises – to get the work done.

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Read about the UNM Physician Assistant Program’s Masquerade for Medicine fundraiser, which supported the AOC medical clinic.