Each of our clients has a unique journey home. We are very proud of one guest, in particular, J.D.! He became a Heading Home client in June and soon after became known for making everyone smile. J.D. was a part of both the ABQ StreetConnect (ABQSC) program and the Albuquerque Opportunity Center (AOC) Respite Care program.

J.D. came to the AOC Respite Care program after having major surgery due to a stab wound and head injuries. He was referred to ABQSC under their University of New Mexico Hospital contract. When he first arrived at the AOC, he had a hard time concentrating and remembering everyday things. J.D. could not remember the names of the staff members he interacted with every day. He had difficulties reporting information from his doctor appointments and he couldn’t remember to go to the front office for his medications. J.D. would get very frustrated and discouraged when he was unable to remember something. The AOC staff could see how much pain he was in while he was healing from his surgery. Even then, J.D. maintained a positive can-do attitude, and with support from Heading Home staff was determined to succeed.

During his stay at the AOC, the ABQSC team worked tirelessly on his case management and helped him get set up with income. ABQSC UNM Navigators helped J.D. find an apartment and set him up with behavioral health and sobriety resources to make sure he is successful after leaving the Respite Care Program. During his stay in the Respite Care program, the AOC staff made sure he maintained a consistent schedule, made it to all of his appointments, and stayed on his medication regimen.

J.D.’s recovery was astonishing! By the time he was transitioning into housing, he was remembering his appointments and knew exactly when to take his medications. We know J.D. will continue to do great with the many resources he has received, along with his willingness and determination to get back on his feet!