Heading Home celebrated Labor Day with our clients and staff at the Albuquerque Opportunity Center (AOC) men’s emergency shelter. On certain holidays, our AOC residents stay in during the day due to the lack of services available throughout the city. Heading Home supplies extra staffing and volunteers to accommodate the needs of residents and to cook and serve a community meal.

Labor Day is a fitting celebration for our residents, staff and volunteers at AOC. The facility operates like a well-oiled machine due to their hard work and is the first stop for community tours to government officials, potential donors and folks interested in volunteering.

Residents at the AOC shelter are offered a 30-day stay with an extension of up to 90 days based on circumstances. This extended stay fosters a culture of ownership and relationships that many times lasts longer than resident’s stay. Resources on campus include laundry, phone and mail service, a library, community garden and computer lab. Residents also have the opportunity to engage with AOC’s Exit Planner who serves as a gateway to a range of community and social services that our residents may be eligible for.

If you would like to tour the AOC facility, please send an inquiry to info@headinghome.org.