The Albuquerque Opportunity Center’s Bed Reservation Line will be operational during designated hours. Previously, the line stayed open only during the daytime hours. Heading Home aims to eliminate as many barriers as possible when it comes to accessing emergency shelter, so we hope this change will make it even easier for men who are experiencing homelessness to reserve a bed.

The phone number to reserve a bed the AOC Men’s Overnight Emergency Shelter is 505-344-4340. To check for bed availability please call at 9:00 am-3:00 pm and, 1:00 am-3:00 am seven days a week. Once a bed is reserved for a guest, that person maintains the bed reservation for 30 days with an opportunity for an extension up to 90 days, depending on circumstance.

The AOC Men’s Overnight Emergency Shelter program has 71 beds for men and provides a safe environment for sleeping and daytime storage for up to 30 nights. The AOC shelter has connected men experiencing homelessness to housing and resources since 2004 and annually serves more than 600 individuals. The AOC provides a place for a new start, access to resources, and for many, is the first real step in getting off the streets.