On November 9, Heading Home welcomed a group of families and individuals from Sandia National Laboratories at the Westside Emergency Housing Center for a day of volunteerism. Sandia National Laboratories has been a strong supporter of Heading Home since 2012. This year, Sandia strengthened their investment through a series of hands-on volunteer projects to improve the environment and comfort level at the Westside Emergency Housing Center.

Led by Rosalie Multari, volunteers from Sandia’s Community Involvement team have completed multiple projects around the WEHC throughout 2019. Sandia’s volunteers have revitalized the exterior fence, set up and stocked bookshelves throughout the facility, painted murals, hung artwork, rearranged furniture and more. The Westside Emergency Housing Center helps those with nowhere else to go and these improvements help guests feel at home. Thank you, Sandia, for going above and beyond for the benefit of the guests we serve at the WEHC!