The Albuquerque Opportunity Center (AOC) Men’s Overnight Emergency Shelter has 71 beds that provide a safe environment for sleeping and daytime storage of belongings for up to 30 nights. While staying at the AOC our guests have access to an outdoor garden, computer lab, storage area, showers, laundry facilities, medical examination rooms, a library, and a classroom area. The AOC is a 24/7 operation and has a team of thirty compassionate individuals who make sure our guests feel at home during their stay with us.  We are proud to run this facility that connects men to permeant housing and other resources.

Before getting connected to Heading Home and the AOC Richie was described by the Albuquerque Police Department as lost, unaware of where he was, having the mental capacity of a fifth grader, and oblivious to where he was going. Upon his arrival at the AOC the staff committed to not only assisting Richie in navigating the AOC campus but also to helping him navigate accessing the resources he desperately needed. There were many ups and downs during Richie’s stay at the AOC. Eventually, Richie was exited from the AOC and started staying at the Westside Emergency Housing Center (WEHC). The AOC and WEHC staff worked closely to keep Richie off the streets and informed of the process for him to transition into permanent supportive housing. Soon after Richie began staying at the WEHC he was accepted into a group home in the South Valley. The AOC staff assisted and guided him to his new home and with the help of our Furniture Manager, Thomas Ruiz, Richie got a new bed and assorted items to welcome him home.

Richie’s story is just one example of the many guests the AOC has helped since the beginning of the shelter in 2004. The emergency housing at the AOC we offer is one guided by deliberate care and kindness. We wouldn’t be able to achieve this level of success without Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless, First Nations Community HealthSource, HopeWorks, First Choice Community Healthcare, and many other community partners. To learn how to make a reservation at the AOC click here.